We have a bit of a problem. It’s something we’re not ashamed to talk about though. We buy too many cookbooks. Yes, there are one million recipes on the internet, and they’re free. Yes, we build our own recipes all the time. But there is just something about a beautiful, hot off the press, colorful cookbook that screams: “You need me,” and sometimes that book is speaking the truth.


As anyone who has done our programs knows already: we.love.food.  We do. We are the non-diet nutritionists. Food builds our bodies, cell by cell. We’d be nothing without food so we should feel inclined to learn all we can about it, embrace it, taste it, savor it and above all, enjoy it. The key is to focus on the foods our bodies were intended to eat and to keep it simple: avoid anything processed, refined and definitely anything made in a laboratory, because that ain’t food. There are a bunch of common problematic foods that are included in a ton of recipes, things like white or even wheat flour, cane sugar, condensed milk, unhealthy vegetable oils…the list could go on.

What we do in our programs is bring to you the best of the clean recipes, and we are constantly inspired by the latest (and classic) cookbooks.  We thought we’d give a shout out to some of our favorites, books whose authors took care curating ingredients, who understand a bit how food breaks down in the body, and most importantly using each natural ingredient to the best of its ability. They make nature’s finest shine. We’d never be able to cover them all but here’s some of our loved ones.


Some books that put the emphasis on plant based eating, though not entirely vegetarian:


Some ‘paleo’ options for those interested in that dietary style:


Healthy eating and wisdom, the classics:

Now get in the kitchen and start cooking!