Today I want to share just a little something that happened to me, made me take a step back and have a little laugh at myself and my constant quest for optimal health.  I was cruising around Whole Foods recently and saw that Nordic Naturals had a stand and the folks there were kind enough to be sharing samples – little packet of their Omega-3 fish oil pills as well as the a few of the kids versions, even the gummy ones!  I got pretty excited because:

a) They are one of my favorite brands
b) Who doesn’t love free stuff
c) I was excited to taste the gummy one.  Why?  Because it reminded me of gummy bears, naturally.

We actually recommend the gummy ones for kids who need a little essential fatty acid support.  Sure, there’s some added sugars in there, but sometimes you have to meet kids where they’re at, so we think it’s a happy medium.  The lady working there was kind enough to let me grab a few packets of each.  I kept walking around, doing my shopping, and decided to rip one of these suckers open and have a little Omega-3 fatty acid snack.  As it turns out, this ‘junior’ was moving just a tad too fast.  I realized as soon as I crunched into it that it was a little too crunchy.  Nope – not a gummy.  Wrong packet.  My mouth was fishing in swim oil, if you will, and I can only imagine what the look on my face was to the many people in the produce section seeing my bizarre behavior.  The “I’m doing everything in my power not to puke” behavior.

So, while this is a little off topic of our average blog, and with no REAL nutrition direction, the message it gave me is: slow down Megan.  Just slow it down a little. I am always such an eager gal, racing around, trying new things, learning as much as I can, trying to fit it all in – but you know what happens when you try to do everything all at once?  Fish oil explodes in your mouth.  So my words of wisdom for overall wellness today are: slow down.