You know we love food and you know we love healthy, but another thing we love?  Natural beauty products…a lot.  And this time of year what’s a better stocking stuffer than that, right?  Finding good, honest products that don’t leave a toxic trace on us or this lovely planet  can be pretty tricky, right?  Zhenya, of Being Zhenya, dropped in to give us some of her favorite natural beauty products.  And now I’m about to paint my nails forest green with her nail polish of choice.  Thanks Zhenya!Zhenya blog

It’s not hard to get lost and confused among beauty products and brands these days. After spending some time working for a world-famous beauty brand, I came to realize that not all that glitters is gold. And even though it may be easy to make healthy food choices, it’s sometimes hard to remember to make healthy, natural and, in some cases, organic choices for our body. Being a beauty blogger, I get to weed out a lot of brands, samples, and products.  Today I am going to share my favorite natural/organic brands; and because I like things to be easy, the majority of them are available online.


NATU Landing Page_splash_2_4_13_newJust like any woman out there, I love my hair! It’s a woman’s most prized accessory, something that I take pride in. When I first moved to the States, one of the hairstylists I used to see told me that my hair was fine. Back then I took it as a compliment, only to find out later that fine hair doesn’t actually mean FINE hair. But this fall I discovered NaTu – a hair care line that eliminates all harsh chemicals from their formula. The shampoo/conditioner combo for color treated hair, along with a volumizing mist for fine hair, made my locks soft, shiny, and created the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Of course the shampoo doesn’t foam up like it’s sodium lauryl sulfate containing distant cousins, but you get used to it quickly! You can find NaTu products at select Whole Foods locations and online at Natu Hair Care.



Last winter, with a little tip from a good friend, I discovered Alaffia African Black Soap (Handmade here in the US from ingredients made by Certified Fair Trade Cooperatives in West Africa.) It’s one of those products that has multiple uses. I wish I could be that person with just one bottle for everything, from face wash, to shampoo, to regular hand soap. Unfortunately I am not, but this soap makes it so much easier! Besides the benefits of Black Soap are endless. I mostly use it as a face wash, and have notices incredible results in my complexion.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 11.53.45 PMPops of color are essential in my everyday look. You will almost never see me without makeup.  I definitely don’t always have a full face of it on, there are days when I simply accentuate, and usually those accents fall on nails or lips. When it comes to

nail and lip products I choose Butter London, formulated without formaldehyde, acetone, heavy metals, and other harmful ingredients. And their tinted balms are just what the doctor ordered during this cold winter season!

What are some of your favorite skincare/makeup brands that position themselves as natural/organic?