SugarBlog_feature Whether it’s the cover of National Geographic, an article in Forbes Magazine, or one the nations top Cardiologist speaking out on the truth behind heart disease – sugar is the the talk of the town.  It’s been around for-eva but what’s the deal and why is it so damn evil?  Well, we’ll tell you.


But… where to begin? Let’s start with how we got ‘here’. Here being the current day, the time when diabetes and obesity are at their all time highest. The crazy thing is that we thought we had all this solved years ago, didn’t we? But to back up a bit, take the time machine to 1976  when there was a call to action from the US Senate to look at the connection between diet and disease.  Who’da thunk? (BIG wink).  We’ll spare you the nitty gritty details, essentially the Senate called a hearing inviting longevity guru Nathan Pritikin to the stand, and long story short they took from one Harvard professor’s research that the over consumption of dietary fat was to blame.  Fat = bad.  Well then, fat: you’re out.

And so it began. One of the top listed goals? Wait for it… EAT MORE CARBS.  You know it.  Go on, fill up on carbs.  And while we’re at it, we’re gonna need to replace the fat, and if you didn’t know, fat tastes goods, so that replacement = sugar.  When you go low fat you almost always are replacing it with sugar.  It’s the name of the game. So why is it evil then?  At PN we love to have fun, be funny (we try) and keep it light, but when it comes to sugar, man it’s tough. Not only is sugar as addictive as drugs (resulting in a much slower death), it does the following:

  • It creates extreme highs and lows; everything from blood sugar to moods.
  • It’s to blame for many attention and behavioral issues.  ADD was around 50 years ago like it is now.
  • It leaches our body’s supply of minerals. The shock of a heavy intake of sugar disrupts what’s called the pH balance of the blood which has a very narrow range of acceptability. Our body then mobilizes neutral acids and minerals including sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in an attempt to correct the pH balance. Eating sugar every day exacerbates the problem producing overly-acidic condition, which means that more and more minerals are required from deep within the body to rectify the imbalance. Ultimately, so much calcium is taken from the teeth and bones that decay and general weakening begin.  Heck NO.
  • It creates fat storage. Because sugar intake produces a surge in insulin production, the body thinks – hey, I have plenty of energy available, so it stops burning fat and starts storing it. People – it STORES fat. High insulin levels suppress the hormone glucagon and growth hormones that are responsible for burning fat and sugar and promoting muscle development, respectively.  I don’t kid here.
  • Sugar suppresses the immune system. You bet it does. Each time a decent dose of sugar is consumed, your immune system is suppressed for 3-6 hours. If sugar consumption is on the regular – you guessed it – the immune system is constantly operating at sub optimal.
  • It’s one of the primary triggers for inflammation.  You know, inflammation, which is the crux of basically ALL disease.

SugarBlog2 FED UP yet?  We are.  This is the first generation of children expected to lead shorter lives than their parents.  And frankly, that pisses us off.  The kids now, you know – the ones full of life and with endless possibilities? Their lifespan is predicted to be shorter than ours.  NOT OK. What to do?  Just start.  Start with education.  At Prescribe Nutrition we are all about the why.  Knowledge is power.  Whether it be the latest documentary, FED UP or Food Inc. to joining us for a PN program to dig into you (our your child’s) own sugar habits, simply getting sound information and support is the key.  We want to change the trajectory of our health and the health of those around us.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.59.16 PMReady? Let’s take the 10-day FED UP challenge.  10 days of sugar free.  This means no refined sugars and focusing on real, whole sources of natural sweets.  Think fruits, vegetables (heavy on the veg), healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, oils) and lean proteins.  Tag us and FED UP in your instagram pictures @prescribe_nutrition @fedupmovie #fedupchallenge #prescribenutrition.  THIS is how change happens.  We do this together.

Hey – and how’s this for a start.  Fat debunked.  And we love it.  Thanks Time Mag.

“I really feel like I have mastered the sugar situation and have learned to recognize my need for nourishment before I get to the crazy-gotta-have-sugar-right-away stage. The key, as you mentioned so many times, is to have a plan and do the prep!”

– PN Get Balanced Alumni