You know we’re all about that balance. We gave you a few of our favorite overall balance tips in part one, but we’re back to give you a sneak peek of our next program, Prescribe Balance, where we dig into hormone, body, and mind imbalances in greater depth. Although your body has a lot of different moving and working parts, it all works as a symphony – each part balancing and complementing the other.

    1. Our first focus: the gut. The gut is our foundation when it comes to healing and balance within the body. Almost every imbalance – whether it’s hormones, skin, digestion, mood – it all comes back to gut health. One easy way you can love up your gut is by focusing on building a healthy gut ecosystem. Balanced gut flora = a balanced belly. Add in some probiotic-rich foods to your meals – our favorites are kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha. And remember, when you are stressed, you don’t digest… and we’re going to home in on that during Prescribe Balance.
    2. Next up is blood sugar support. Ever feel like you’re rockin’ and rollin’ in productivity land and then boom, you’re hangry and can’t seem to focus on anything but food? That’s what we would call the blood sugar roller coaster. To lessen the peaks and valleys, we always always always recommend eating a combination of fat, fiber, and protein for snacks and meals. Yep, you’ve heard us say it before and you’ll definitely hear us say it again. It’s important stuff.
    3. Speaking of energy… hellooo adrenals. Those little glands atop your kidneys are responsible for waking you up, keeping you up and protecting you from emergency. BUT, we call on them just a little too often these days. It’s easy to take for granted what our bodies can do, until they can do no longer. Sure ‘adrenal fatigue’ is a bit of a buzz word these days but it’s nothing to mess around with. The earlier you understand a bit more of the physiology (we’ll simplify, promise), how to feed your body for energy and pull yourself out of the tired but wired trap, the happier you’ll be. We can promise that!
    4. Ok we can’t give away all the surprises. Not only will Prescribe Balance create the ultimate foundation for your body & mind, but for the environment around you. Just because the year is half over, does NOT mean a lick here… it’s just beginning in our book.

Prescribe Balance kicks off this Sunday, July 12. A balanced mind, body, and…home? Use ‘betterbalance’ for a little extra $$ love $$.