Remember back to our Spring Break challenge in March?  Remember how fun it was – all of us doing mini workouts together yet all over the globe (literally) and sending the “proof” via Facebook pictures? Well, since then we’ve had countless requests for that blog to be re-posted.  Will we post it again?  Not particularly   But what we will do is bring you this brand spanking fresh & new five-day at home fitness challenge curiosity of the one and only, Molly Doyle, our Fitness MD!

Here’s me back in March keeping my commitment to the Spring Break challenge in Mexico

For those of you that are new, here’s the detes.  All of these workouts are meant to be done anywhere, at anytime AND this time we invited the kiddos.  It’s juniors month here so no post will be without having them in mind too.  The can simply support you via stroller or can play along too!

Anna’s hubby, Joe, doing a little Isla assisted push-up

Throughout the five days we will post the workouts again on Facebook and pictures to go along.  We’d LOVE you to take your own pics and tag – #PN #FitnessMD or simply post on either of our pages that you did the SSMD {Summer Shape-up MD} workout.  Fun, huh?

Workout #1:
As many rounds as you can in 12 minutes
5 Tuck Jumps
8 Squats
10 Walking Lunges (10 lb weights in hand if you have weights) or a baby:)
12 Squat Jumps
15 Jumping jacks
Workout #2 – All about the Abs!
1 minute of sit-ups
1 minute of plank jacks
1 minute side plank
1 minute of plank jacks
1 minute of opposite side plank
1 minute of plank jacks
1 minute of sit-up twists (touch your knee to opposite elbow)
1 minute of plank jacks
Workout #3:
As many rounds in 15 minutes as possible
50 jumping jacks
25 push-ups
50 high knees
25 sit-ups
50 plank jacks
25 Tricep dips
(you know they’ll love to jump around!)

Sometimes this is what happens (and that’s why its so fun.)  Looks to me like a 3-legged down dog
Workout #4: Everybody jump! (with or without a jump rope!)
50 reps:
Jump rope (or air jump)
High knees
40 reps:
Jump rope
30 reps:
Jump rope
High knees
20 reps:
Jump rope
10 reps:
Jump rope
High Knees
Workout #5
Part I
Perform the following exercises for 21 reps, repeat 15 reps and 9 reps as fast as you can!
Box jumps (if no step is handy, do squat jumps)
Full sit-ups with holding a weight at your chest
Rest 3 minutes
Part II
Perform the following exercises for 9 reps, repeat 15 reps and 21 reps as fast as you can!
Bicep curls
Box Jumps (or squat jumps)

Mountain Climbers

Ok, good luck & we can’t wait to hear (and see!) about your workouts.

Happy Summer butt-kicking,