It’s the last Sunday in June, and I think we saved the best “Junior Health” day for last. We’ve mentioned this book before, but it’s so great that we think it’s worth featuring. What’s Eating Your Child by Kelly Dorfman is a fantastic resource for all parents and parents-to-be regarding nutrition and its impact on children’s health. 

As a mom to children with food allergies, nutrition is a hot topic at our house. I have seen first hand the power of food – good and bad. While I wouldn’t wish food allergies or sensitivities on my worst enemy, they have propelled me into this world of nutrition, so in a weird way I am thankful. I have learned so much from Katie and Megan and wonderful resources like this book, but more importantly my children are learning, too. At two and three, they know more about food than I did at 18. 

Knowledge is power. Yes, that’s cheesy, but it’s also very true. In a time where childhood ailments are popping up left and right, we need to arm ourselves with information. This book is a keeper – and if your a highlighter or a dog-ear(er), save yourself some trouble and just go right to the color coordinated stickies for this one.