Whether you’re a football fan or just a Sunday Funday fan, this post goes out to anyone who is needing a little support come Monday morning. Maybe you consider 7 layer dip one of your truest loves. Maybe the scent of buffalo wings blindsided you and you’re not sure what happened next. Regardless of your Super Bowl indulgence, we wanted to come at you with a few tips to survive Monday and feel 91% better by Tuesday (listen, we’re not magicians).

Here’s the down and dirty on detoxing: when you indulge, whether it be food, alcohol, or both, you’re likely going to survive just fine. Our bodies are badass machines – our organs work overtime to help regulate the system and bring us back to homeostasis (a state of stable and balanced condition), but the more you indulge, and with every passing year, the recovery can feel increasingly painful. This is why it’s good have an honest talk with yourself about what indulgence should look like for you.

With that said, your body will detox! Your liver is going to roll up its sleeves and get to work, and when that happens you’re likely to feel what you’re liver is feeling: tired, annoyed, and a touch of self loathing. It will pass. We dive into this concept a lot more in our 20+ day detox Prescribe 20 – find more info right here!

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In the interim, how do you conquer Monday so the rest of the week doesn’t feel utterly painful? Here’s our top tips for a one day clean up:

1. Got a lemon? Or a lime? Squeeze that sucker into a glass of warm water and drink it first thing when you wake up. If you do just one thing this day, this would be our recommendation. Think we’re exaggerating the benefits? Here’s the short list of what happens when you kick off the day this way:

  • After the Super Bowl and the food you ate, you’re likely to be running a bit acidic on the PH scale. Lemon, while tasting acidic, is actually one of the most alkalinizing foods you can consume, therefore giving your body much needed PH balance.
  • Your digestion gets moving. Drinking warm water first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. This is huge for detox.
  • Your liver is working all night (since the rest of you is snoozing), warm water + lemon helps flush the liver and promote bile and stomach acid  (which we want and need!)
  • Because you support your liver, you support skin. People who drink lemon water daily notice marked improvements in their skin. Pus, vitamin C stimulates collagen production. And we all want that.

2. Eat. No seriously, eat. It may be contradictory considering all the juice cleansing options out there, and we don’t knock those, but don’t start that business the day after major indulgence. Why? Well like we said before, your body is very hard at work when you detox, even if you’re not being active. Your liver working that hard is going to make you feel exhausted and probably very hungry. The ol’ “I must have stretched my stomach” line just doesn’t hold water. You’re hungry because your body needs nourishment, but the real stuff, not the pizza stuff. So eat plenty of healthy protein, fiber, fat, veggies & fruit. Eat well rounded meals and don’t starve yourself!

3. Speaking of fiber…think of it as gold. Fiber is going to help flush toxins from your body, which you can store in your intestines, for longer than you’d like to know. Our top choices for day 1 after not feeling hot? Flax seed or chia seed.


  • Try to get 2 tablespoons of either flax or chia seed into your day.
  • If eating flax seeds, buy whole seeds and grind fresh in a coffee grinder or simply blend into a smoothie (the point is you want flax seeds to be ground, but it’s best to grind fresh as opposed to eating whole).
  • You could just prep ahead and do our Overnight Coffee Chia Pudding – giving you your much needed Monday caffeine (we’re not monsters) + fiber in one easy shot.

4. Try to get 2 servings of dark leafy greens + any other veggies you can squeeze in. If at lunch you have the option for a big veggie soup or salad, go for it. Special shout out to the cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels, kale, arugula, bok choy, cabbage, collards, daikon radish, radish, rutabaga) for their detox properties.

5. Finally, get in bed one hour earlier and don’t look at your phone. Seriously, you need the rest, your body worked harder today than you know. Shut off the lights and put your phone across the room. Going down an Instagram black hole is no way to fall asleep.

Want more than just one day of detox love? Hop on board for Prescribe 20, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’d certainly love to have you. Now get some rest!