They’re here. The holidays are officially here. The evidence? Alluring treats popping up in every corner. Stores smelling like mulled cider. Happiness is being sold to you in the form of pumpkin lattes. People spending 3.5 hours of their work day sourcing recipes. And perhaps most wide spread?  Crash dieting has officially begun. Is it the smartest move?  Nope.  Do a ton of us do it? Yep. Why? We believe we have to make room for the inevitable, outrageous indulgence that’s coming our way.

There’s got to be a better way.

Going into the holidays from one extreme into the next isn’t the way to do it. These peaks and valleys of eating don’t make sense to your body, but if you’re not going to diet, then how are you going to stay on track? You need legitimate motivation to stay on track during the time of year that’s laden with dietary booby traps, right? Sometimes all you need is a mantra. These are our wisest words of wisdom for you during this time of year to help you avoid a “shit what was I doing” kind of January. Pick one or two, whatever resonates with you. Print for your fridge, jot one down and keep it in your purse, and just remember, you’re in charge and you can do this.

Mantra-Blog1The truth is – there is no excuse for ending up at a holiday meal or party feeling starving. It’s proven that people eat 2-3 times more calories than they would if they had balanced meals/snacks before a big meal. Our brain is tricked into thinking you’re dying and the only thing that will save you is the baked brie, which you may not have needed had you had a little snack before. 

Mantra-Blog2Wherever you’re headed, or if you’re hosting, make something that serves you and your people well! People want to eat healthy – you are not alone. So help make that a reality.

Mantra-Blog3Use this for any event, big dinner or even the office candy bowl. Consider this: the world in which we live offers us nearly unlimited access to any food, any time. If you’re working on a goal and those foods don’t fit in your plan, let them go. They will be there for you on the other side. Fudge will still exist next year, we promise you this….and on that note:

Mantra-Blog4And we guarantee the choices you feel good about will grow exponentially. It’s not gone forever, you’re just choosing not to have it now. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. The back and forth of working hard, seeing results, then falling down that slippery slope of bad habits is something too many of us know. Sometimes it doesn’t even taste as good as we think it will. If you can hold off for 20 minutes, you likely can beat the craving all together.

Mantra-Blog5Do you really want to eat it? Or are you just crashing and need something to pick you up? Are you bored? Are you having that drink to go with the flow? There is no right answer! Just move a bit slower and try to ask why you want something before you act impulsively with food and drinks. Sometimes it will work, sometimes you’ll still go for it, but asking is important. 

Mantra-Blog6Did you have a handful of those limited edition holiday mint M&Ms?  Did the wheels come off and your sugar cravings get worse? Or was it no big deal?  Figure out your own limits. If egg nog makes you feel like you’re going to be be sick, drink something else. There is no egg nog quota – we do not have to have any.


We like chocolate as much as the next person. One thing we know is certain? If we never start it’s a whole lot easier than trying to stop. Sugar is addictive. Gluten and dairy = addictive. Know what your personal limits are. If a few tastes of cheese are bound to turn into 1/4 lb of cheese, re-think even opening that door.

Mantra-Blog8It has already happened and there’s no sense freaking out about it. Be present, live now and make an upgraded choice next time. You will see results as an accumulation of your habits, not as an after-effect of one meal that wasn’t perfect. Just take note of how you feel.

This nutrition thing – it takes time. Do your best. Don’t waste time on regret. Know each day – in fact – each meal – is a chance to start over.  From the PN team to everyone, have a peaceful Thanksgiving.