It’s March 1st?

Isn’t it interesting how you can eagerly anticipate spring for so long and then, BAM! It hits you unsuspectingly, leaving you giddy, but also feeling something else. That ‘something else’ is familiar, very familiar. It’s sort of like the week before finals. Like the end is so near, but there is a ton of work to do between now and then. Or maybe like that time when you got your bridesmaid dress a size too small because because hey, you were already down three pounds and steamrolling towards ten! But then suddenly, almost out of the blue,  it’s the week before the wedding aaaand – shit. Life happened and you couldn’t go to four yoga classes a week, and you had so much fun celebrating the future bride with alcohol and penis shaped treats.

Yeeeeeaaaah. That feeling.

It’s practically spring and we are facing a fork in the road. Let’s name said fork “Summer Goals.” At the end of the road we want to find ourselves excitedly pulling out our summer clothes, patting ourselves on the back and ultimately thinking, Damn, I look hot! This IS possible, remember? You’ve felt it before. And it felt good. Real good.

Back to the fork. Over to our right we have “Start Now” and over to the left we have “Start Tomorrow.” Start Now has a plan, and that plan has directions, accountability and you get to do it with other people. Slow and steady wins this race. And then there is Start Tomorrow. Here’s the thing about Start Tomorrow, it just keeps repeating that you get to start tomorrow. Sure that feels great in the moment, but when you pull out your summer clothes and start wondering if clothes shrink while being stored…well, that part doesn’t feel so good.


Which leads us to “That Moment When.” Here’s a little fact about team PN, we are funny, or at least we’re pretty sure we are. In a conversation strung between four of us, we discussed how spring is basically here and those big sweaters and denim are about to be replaced with slinky tank tops and shorts light weight pants. Naturally, this turned into an open mic night about “that moment when” you realize you veered to the left when you hit the fork in the road. Some of our favorites:

  • That moment when you wish you could flash back to the 90’s and wear Umbros with your swimsuit. I mean, the 90’s are back on trend, right?
  • That moment when you realize you were going to start eating clean a month ago, and now you’re googling cabbage soup and the master cleanse.
  • That moment when you realize you’ve been watching a Chuck Norris Home Gym infomercial for the last two hours. Hey, it looks like a reasonable solution at 12:35 AM.


Then we thought, We can’t be the only people with ridiculous moments! We want to hear what you have to say. The funniest “That Moment When” left in the comments section of this blog gets a free spot in our April Prescribe 20 program for yourself and your bestie – because real friends don’t let their friends start tomorrow. We want to know, what’s your funniest “That Moment When?”

The contest will end at 10 PM Friday the 25th of March and the winner will be announced on the 26th!