Somedays you just have to pinch yourself when you realize what cool people you have in your world.  Today is one of those days. We have the privilege to introduce you to a friend and physician colleague,  Dr. Anne Kelly. So why is Anne here today you might ask? Anne is part of a growing community of integrative and functional medical doctors whose philosophies are all about the getting to the roots of health problems, and at Prescribe Nutrition, that’s our jam. Root causes of discord or imbalance, and using food as the medicine our bodies REALLY want & need. Without further ado, let’s meet this wildly awesome woman.
A little background on Anne:
Anne Kelly, MD, MPH graduated from Michigan State University’s School of Medicine, is Board Certified in Pediatrics, and has advanced clinical training through the Institute for Functional Medicine.  Dr. Kelly worked as a physician and clinical researcher at the University of Minnesota where she founded and directed the U Special Kids program, and is the current founder and president of Nutrition Ignition Inc., and the Nutrition Ignition Learning Lab. Her interests include innovation in public health and chronic care, the science of nutrition and chronic disease, and optimizing the academic and athletic performance of pre-professional athletes with nutrient replacement strategies.

People are seeing “functional medicine” all over the place these days…what does that term really mean?
The majority of modern chronic diseases are known to be the result of diet, stress and/or environmental toxins. Prescription pharmaceuticals may be helpful, but do not address the contributing factors.  Healthcare practitioners can obtain Functional Medicine training and certification through courses that focuses on prevention and treatment of the root causes of chronic diseases. Healing strategies often include “phytomedicines” from food and other treatments expertly crafted by Mother Nature. More at

We obviously LOVE what you’re doing in your work and with Nutrition Ignition. Can you explain to us (in a nutshell) as to why you are so passionate about using nutrition as the cornerstone of good health?  
It’s simple and it works. I continue to be amazed at how brilliant Mother Nature is. Scientists have only recently begun to study the molecular structure and intricate functions of food, and we are learning how powerful they truly are.

Can you give us examples of the immediate types of changes you see when people implement nutrition modifications in their diet?

The most common feedback reported is less fatigue, more optimism and sustained energy.

We’d love to hear how you first got started on the path to functional medicine.  
I was given the opportunity to do a fellowship at the Institute for Functional Medicine, and once exposed to these new methods of treatment, it’s hard to ignore them.  

What is the #1 tip you give to patients? 
Fill up your nutrient gauges before you try to do anything else (lose weight, exercise, get pregnant…)

Best advice ever given to you?
A renowned pediatric psychologist once told me that we shouldn’t focus on treating children; we should focus on giving their parents the tools they need to care for their children.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 
Quiche and chocolate.  As long as your nutrient gauges are full you can enjoy your guilty pleasures!

A warm thank you to our guest for the day! If you didn’t think nutrition was the key before, well we hope it’s found a new place is your heart & mind.

If you know this is what your body needs (a little more nutritional love), we certainly don’t want to leave you hanging.

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