“The messy is in the middle, but that’s where the magic happens”. Brene Brown

And if that isn’t the truth, well then, what the hell is?

I’m back. Okay, I never went away but I’m back to do a little follow up on this soul baring blog, dig into #fightthefall and talk about what I’ve learned in the middle.

So, back to that blog. I wrote it over two years ago, and you readers had me in tears daily with your comments and love, but I tell ya, I haven’t read it since. And just the other day when I did, panic immediately set in. You know when things are stressful and you just block them out? Or better yet, you kind of black out? I’m fairly certain that’s what happened. “I told them all THAT??!” … “those photos…omg”. And the truth is, a LOT has changed since then, but a lot hasn’t. I’m here to tell you, I face a lot of those same struggles – just with some new insight.

themessyinthemiddle_squareTranslation (for me): as in fall, fall to the proverbial ground. Life can bring you to it’s knees, it really can, and it has. I have a ton to be grateful for… like a TON so please don’t get me wrong. I’m a happy gal. But as I sit here, 37 years (young;), still trying to figure it out, 401k-less, somedays struggling to get out of bed (heyyo exhausted adrenals) and those jeans from the blog went that from not fitting, to being really loose, to reeeeeeally not fitting. Again. Hi, life. Hi hi hi.

So I’m here today to share my intensions, my plan to #fightthefall and see if a) you’ll join me with your intentions and b) make a commitment to better.


  1. Nothing is permanent. We are fluid by nature. Sure we can try to permanently be happy, joyful, balanced, in shape, what have you, but in reality – that is usual wishful thinking. And that’s OK. I also find deep comfort in the idea that “it has to be dark to see the stars”. To me that means that ebb and flow of life is about as natural as nature.
  2. Resistance is where change happens.  When things get tough, we gotta get tougher. And guess what? Tough can mean a lot of things. Letting go, leaning in, backing off … those things are tough too. That’s the middle – finding out which way to *toughen* up.
  3. Connection is everything. Prescribe Nutrition has lead by example on this one. When I feel connected, I feel whole. It’s a long phone call with a friend…a quick text to a family member, a hug…a meaningful interaction on our discussion boards – connection is where it’s at.
  4. The universe DOES have my (your) back. Fear leads a lot of my thoughts, and it’s been my biggest challenge to reframe fear into something productive. It’s hard but I’m working on it.


  1. Gratitude. Nothing squashes unfortunate fears & thoughts like a quick run down of all the awesomeness that exists. I have more to be grateful than ANYthing.
  2. Reinforcing the message. My incredible friend and partner in many ‘a deep conversations, Elizabeth, introduced me to this – my newest book. In my mind, we can’t do this alone. So whether it’s listening to my best gal, Brene, reading the daily #truthbombs or picking up a book that truly speaks to me – I’m game.
  3. Moving my ass. Period. I know myself and feel my best when I make time to move. This month I’ve upped the ante and am turning it up. Literally. SoulCycle is my favorite of place to be these days and I’m taking their challenge – Turn it Up 20. 20 classes is 30 days. What’s more is that while I’m getting an endorphin kick & an incredible workout – I’m also getting some damn good therapy. The instructors there have changed many of my days, my mind, brought me to tears, and all while feeling like I’m at a dance party at 10:30 am.


I’m committed to not head into winter by giving myself permission to root down…and in doing so stop moving. But I’m also sick of trying to handle “everything.” So right now is the time that I’m going to commit to two things that nurture me. For my #fightthefall I’m giving everything I have by doing Prescribe 20 + Turn it Up 20. Yep, a program I took part in creating + a program that inspires SoulCycle everywhere. Prescribe Nutrition supports thousands of people, and I’m one of them, but I have to remain committed. So here’s my commitment everyone. You better believe I’ll be back to tell you what kind of effect combining 20 days of clean eating + pushing myself physically can have.


Now it’s your turn. What have you learned, what are you struggling with and what are you doing about it all? How are YOU #fightingthefall? Nothing speaks to growth like sharing what your feelings are. So if fear of sharing sets in – just know we’ve got your back.