Both fantastic questions. When our team began to talk about writing a blog on our intentions for our new site, there was zero hesitations. Of COURSE we want to tell you what we’ve built and why we’ve built it. That only feels right…but as I asked myself those two questions, it occurred to me – this could take a while. But don’t worry, it won’t. I’ll give us a running start.

This is a new site but Prescribe Nutrition is far from new. Almost four years ago we began. We had an idea that we could bring a solution to a problem we saw faced by many individuals. Nutrition is confusing.


I mean, just start here: Where do you go when you need a nutritionist, some dietary support, a community, information around health and a place to feel at home when navigating a confusing, and often frustrating topic? Well, you make an appointment, you hope you like and connect with that person, you search the web, you buy books, you talk to your friends… and then, well if you’re like us, you might say “F it” and order a pizza. Yet again.

We saw this pattern in ourselves and our clients all the time. Frustration, confusion and that cycle of “failure” that just gets old. In a one-hour appointment we simply couldn’t help our clients they way they wanted, in the way they deserved. Enter, Prescribe Nutrition. The place where we house all the food and nutrition goods. This is an ongoing conversation. A place to keep your head in the game. Much like a gym membership – you’re a member of a gym or studio to keep your body in shape, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your food & nutrition? Prescribe Nutrition is for people that want to eat better & understand how food affects them on all levels. You can’t find that just anywhere and you can’t find it without a team that talks the real talk. Yes we’re nutritionists and health experts, but we like to live. We want to feel good and fuel our bodies, but we aren’t the kind of ladies to pass up a vino, chips and guac or a celebratory dessert.


Thus began the launch of our programs, which have evolved over the past 3 years. Our foundation program, Prescribe 20 is an opportunity to do a focused clean-up and create a solid launching point to better habits, better choices. Prescribe Connection is your ongoing maintenance, your team, community and much much more.

Beyond that, things at Prescribe Nutrition have changed a bit over the past few months. Why? Well, we wanted to give you a nutrition and wellness homebase. Life is hard, it’s stressful, it’s overwhelming and if you can have a place to go to that you can access anytime, from anywhere to bounce questions, share wins, talk about struggles and do it with people that are real – well, that was our dream.


We took down the old walls of Prescribe Nutrition and built new ones. No more 20-day only programs that start & end on a specific day. You can enroll in your 20-day clean up at ANY time. But what about what happens after the 20 days? We’ve got you. It’s like your virtual gym membership, but for nutrition. Our ever popular discussion boards are yours indefinitely, recipes galore, a library of resources, a place to create meal plans, upload photos, and stay connected. Keyword: connection. It shouldn’t take us to tell you that countless research articles and experiential data show that when you have support, a team, friends… your success (whatever that might look like) levels increase exponentially.
So, where do you go to feel better, fuel your body with real food, find more energy, support a chronic health condition with food, navigate a food sensitivity, meet people that are in your shoes, talk to experts that treat you like friends, get really real (hey life is gonna keep happening), and so much more? You guessed it. Right here. We’ve got you … and it’s only going to get better.

So join us, come see what the NEW Prescribe Nutrition is all about. Embark on 20-days to better habits and then a life long journey to follow. Like I said – we’ve got you. Use the code GOALJEANS (because let’s be real, it’s time for those goal jeans) for a one-time only 30% off!