what-to-eat-featureOr anti-diet, shall we call it. Kind of a four letter word in these parts. Outlining the food piece is our next move in the Food-Body-Mind campaign – and lucky you, we’re telling you everything we do and don’t eat in Prescribe Nutrition programs. In the words of Montell Jordan: this is how we do it. Cats out of the bag people! There should be no secrets in the world of nutrition. We all deserve to feel delightfully well – that involves taking the guess work out of finding that one “ultimate diet,” and instead tuning into your body and uncovering the ultimate diet for YOU. And that involves work. Yes I’m talking to you. Ok then let’s get to it.


During Prescribe 20 we always start at the baseline with our “gentle reverse detox.” What’s that? It’s taking the scary out of detoxing. Even then we like to use that word lightly. This here video is how we explain it to our Prescribe 20 members.

We kick off our program with our tried and true PN Protocol, move on to our Grain-Free Protocol, then finish the program with the PN Clean Protocol. Everyone can tweak the protocols so they work for them – so if you’re a vegetarian, perhaps you skip the grain-free week, if you’re pregnant or nursing, you kick it in cruise control in the PN Protocol the whole time. It’s all about you.

We want you to see exactly what we’re up to in our programs. This is no secret. We are getting rid of the most common trigger foods, along with some culprits that keep people from reaching their health goals. You can do this too! Want to try it out? Try the protocols below on your own schedule or use ours:

  • PN Protocol: 7 days
  • Grain-free Protocol: 7 days
  • PN Clean Protocol: 6 days

pn-protocol-script screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-8-48-07-pm


Similar to the PN Protocol above, simply removing grains.



Similar to the Grain-free Protocol above, but taking it a step further by removing legumes and all natural sweeteners.


Do you see a theme here? Food. And plenty of it. So why do people do our programs if we give you all this info right here? Because eliminating foods and diving head first into this kind of commitment isn’t easy, education is a key component to long term success, and people often need support in this sometimes emotional bizness that we call eating. That’s where the PN homies come in. If you’re someone who wants the support of both our team and the ridiculously awesome Prescribe Nutrition community, join us in Prescribe 20 – choose any start date you want.


So, now you know how we eat. Next up? Real life profiles of how each of our team members eat on the daily. Fo’ real. Sometimes there are green smoothies. Sometimes there are nachos. We’ll dish all, stay tuned.