We’ve got TWO programs coming up in October. Yes, two. You’re interested in both, but how do you know which one to do? Well hey, if you really love us, feel free to jump in on both. We would love to have you! To be honest though, you’ll be getting a lot of information thrown at you over the course of both programs, so we thought it would be helpful to narrow down the differences.

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KIDS RULE: Who is this for? Anyone interested in kids nutrition! Keep in mind you do not have to be a parent or guardian to benefit from this class. While this is largely helpful to parents of newborns up to children 13 years of age, people still love learning about fueling babes and kiddos before their parenting time comes.

What will we be covering? Again, we cover everything from babies first foods to toddler’s picky eating to upgrading teenager’s staples. We have podcasts that break down: why nutrition matters, debunking common nutrition myths, navigating food sensitivities, support around picky eating and how behavior is linked to food. Our exciting bonus this year is that we have partnered with the wildly popular Weelicious. We’ve included some of Catherine’s kid-approved recipes as well as videos coming straight from her home to yours.

Dates: October 12 – October 22

Cost: $158 [but why not use the code kidsrule20 for 20% off!]

More information here!


PRESCRIBE 20: Who is this for? Truly anyone wanting to feel their best. Then taking that one critical step further by understanding how to get there and stay there. We like to think of this program as the anti-diet life changer. 

What will we be covering? So so much. This program is extremely well rounded when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of nutrition and wellness in general. We have an “Everything You Want to Know” series that covers how food is related to everything from sleep to sex to cravings. We’re giving you a grocery shopping guide to help you navigate where to buy what…and we’ll save some sweet surprises for the class. Needless to say, it’s jam packed with goods!

Dates: October 11 – October 30

Cost: $159 [but feel free to use iamready for 20% off, on us!]

More information here!