For those of you that have been catching little snippets of the crew popping up on our personal facebook pages, twitter, the blog and more… with new pictures, fun videos, and crazy cool graphics…you might be wondering what’s all going on?!  What IS going on?  Well, a TON!  We have been chipping away at the upcoming NYNR program that we think will set your 2013 off to the best start ever.  This venture has been nothing short of AWESOME – we’ve pulled out all the stops and here’s a sneak peak at them

Lee, Katie, and Derek
Last month Prescribe Nutrition founders Katie Jasper & Megan Morris got together live in MN {Megan’s a west coast gal!} and began the party.  They shot a series of videos {a couple you will see prior to the program and a couple that “members-only style” – you’ve to go enroll in NYNR to get those bad boys!}, met with their recipe creators, bloggers, and planned planned planned!
Then, this past Tuesday the team reunited {minus Megan (sad face)} to whip us some New Year New Rules recipes, take some awesome photos, and shoot the exercise mini-video! Whew.  It was a day and so energizing it was.  Collaboration IS inspiring. And guess what, so is a group program:: energizing and inspiring.  When we work together, WE make some amazing progress.  That’s what Prescribe Nutrition and New Year New Rules is all about – a community, a community striving to feel good, educate each other, and have fun while doing it!

delicious food made by Derek
So who is the team? Let’s talk about them.

There’s Katie & Megan who run the show – these Functional Nutritionist seriously put the “fun” in it all.  They are crazy smart, but so realistic and accessible in their work.  There motto “life is not diet”… but what you eat matters!
They could NOT do it without this team:
Anna Decker – Our Resident “Mom” and Blogger.  Anna brings family to the table.  Rest assured that NYNR will have some special, family friendly touches.  ps- she helps us keep it all together.

Lee Hersh One of our recipe creators/photographers who doubles as the marketing coordinator. Lee is healthy food blogger and fitness lover. Check her out for some major food porn or tweet her @FitFoodie_Lee.

Derek Benz – the man behind the flame… whipping up delicious recipes for NYNR.  We are so lucky to bring you flavor galore.

Molly Hyland – our fitness guru for NYNR. Molly is going to teach us some tips and trick for at home fitness.  we love her! @hylanm

Matt Jasper – the man behind the cam.  He’s the guy{and husband of Katie!} who brings you all things video {} His work will blow your mind.  

Amanda Ingle – our ROCKING graphic designer.  She’s the bomb. Really, just top notch.  { @amandaingle}

Barrett Loving – without her you wouldn’t be looking this gorgeous images of Tuesday. Wow. Let’s just say Wow.

Ava, Anna, and Isla
Lee and Molly
Beautiful Megan
Happy Friday!
-Team Prescribe Nutrition
Oh, and if you’re just chomping at the bit go head and lock in that holiday gift YOU deserve right here. NYNR has an early bird special going on right now!