Today we are talking fashion. Say what? Let us say first, we realize that this is not our area of expertise. But we are all aware of fashion, even if we’re not in to it. It’s there. We’re here. And still those of us who don’t want to think about it have to at some point. So here we are – talking about the whole outfit…

Before getting married and having children, I fell into what became a dream job. There is no way to make my long story short, so I’ll just begin with getting hired to work at Hot Mama. It isn’t your average woman’s boutique. As managers and stylists we went through extensive training regarding: fitting all body types, dressing people for their lifestyle and how to put a whole outfit together. 

I am passionate about connecting with people, learning and teaching – and having clothing be the subject was fine by me! I spent years at Hot Mama and on a regular basis shared tears of joy with women as they learned how to dress themselves in clothing that fit their bodies. They saw that under the layers of clothing that didn’t fit them well, was a beautiful body – a HOT body. So my first advice would be to recognize your body type and learn how to dress it {ask for help if you need it!}.

Once your body type is established finding clothes that flatter you is the next step. And while it’s great to walk out of a fitting room with a couple of garments of clothing that fit well, that might not necessarily help you put a complete outfit together. Discuss with a stylist what you already have at home {maybe even bring in a few favorite pieces}, and let them help you choose pieces that will maximize your closet. Make sure your choices fit your lifestyle. 

Now on to the outfit, its about time, right? As you can see from the pictures, accessorizing is a great way to make an outfit look complete. Add a light weight summer scarf, hat, necklace, bracelets, a great pair of statement earrings  – these are the dressing on your salad and the garnish on your plate. Just don’t wear them all at once!

A few of our favorite summer go-to pieces: