This is how it all began. In fact, it began with you. Before Prescribe Nutrition ever existed, before Katie and Megan ever met, we had private nutrition practices. You emailed or called one of us, popped into our office or jumped on the phone, and we talked nutrition. Sixty minutes that were all about you. You had headaches, digestion issues, trouble sleeping, low energy, poor concentration, hormone imbalance. Some of you didn’t have a great relationship with food, while others simply wanted to know more about how to feel your best. We’d been there. We understand. We got it and we still do. No seriously, we get it.

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:


What, these old things? Yeah, they’re something. So that’s how it was, but we digress. Those times and those stories are for another day. The point is – we know what it’s like when you’re ready to make a change, and you don’t want to wait one more day. Thus the birth of both of our nutrition careers and a healthier version of us (thank god), but this post isn’t about us, it’s about you.

We’d felt shitty in the past, had made headway and wanted to help others turn it around. We were eager to make the most of your time so we could get down to business, sum it all up, write a follow-up, email some recipes, links and words of inspiration. It was great. We met hundreds or people, some of which are our friends today.

But it was hard. Really hard. It’s tough to tackle a HUGE topic in one hour, not to mention, 1-1 nutrition consultations aren’t cheap for the client. Sure, you can schedule another session, and many of you did, but ultimately it became another appointment on an already crowded schedule. And that isn’t easy on the wallet. Nutrition and health is a ginormous topic and the second you left us, you may have very well read something that made you wonder, created conflict, or begged “should I be doing THAT instead?

KJ-MM-NewFees KJ-MM-first-meeting2

Enter destiny.

We, Megan and Katie, met. On the phone, if you can believe it. We were fast friends, confidants, and sharing the same struggles: how do we give our clients what they need without sacrificing ourselves? How can we truly support people to the level they deserve, with integrity, but without requiring weekly, expensive meetings? What if we could do what we were currently doing, but for the masses? What if we could do it without losing personality? We will not become unaccessible, dogmatic nutrition robots. No way.

And that was the start of it all – Prescribe Nutrition. Megan flew to Minneapolis in the fall of 2012, we wrote our first program, “New Year, New Rules,” and the rest is history. After that program we realized, we can do this. We can give our clients more than any 1-1 session could possibly cover. Our participants joined from every edge of the earth. Prescribe Nutrition literally met people where they were. Beyond what we could do in our program (recipes, guidance, videos, audios, content and more), we couldn’t have guessed what would happen next…


THE PEOPLE. They loved each other. They lifted each other up, they were “there,” really there for each other, they got it, they struggled together, they had advice, and they even taught us. The missing link in better nutrition and popular diets? It’s the community. The community was born and we could hardly believe it. The individuals from 19 countries want more of each other. So much so that they formed a Facebook PN Alumni group just to keep in touch. 34 programs later, we are still going strong. Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? Without a doubt.

We know the power of our programs and encourage people to do a PN program. We help participants lay the ground work, understand the ‘whys’, implement actions and get non-stop attention for ~ 20 days. The bottom line is: for the majority of people, our programs are FAR more effective than a one off consultation. Remember, our programs are about the cost of ONE, 1 hour consultation with a nutritionist. In the case of Prescribe 20 you get 480 hours of support for the price of one hour. Hellooo bargain.

Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and realize what you’ve done. But for Prescribe 20, we can both step back and say – holy shit, this program rocks. It’s a tool that creates and fosters long term change. We participate ourselves when we need to reboot. We want people to experience how commitment + ongoing support can literally change the way you look at food and yourself. Prescribe 20 truly is a time when changes become habits. We sure wish it existed back in ’99. Clearly we needed it.

A couple parting questions we get all the time:

  1. Do I need to be “clean eating” the full 20 days? Sure that’d be great but in actuality, there’s always stuff. Some individuals do ditch gluten, dairy and wine (yes, we call that a food group), but others approach with a different equation. Remember this is FAR beyond what a normal 20 days would be like. It’s a win all around.
  2. What if I have plans, vacations, work trips? Great, we’ll help you get through them. Together.
  3. What if I have food allergies myself? We cover it all. The main food sensitivities are addressed in all our programs.
  4. What if I don’t eat meat? Not a problem, we have vegetarian options, even a meal plan
  5. Should I wait until life is calmer? Nope. That day will never truly come. Let’s do this now.

All professional photographs (or you could say “post 2012”) are by the incredibly talented Barrett Loving Photography.