This weeks round up of our favorite recipes:
Anything quick, simple and healthy has our attention! Grab some ripe bananas, some real peanut butter  (or better yet make your own), and follow the world’s easiest instructions. Get your fat, fiber, protein combo from this killer “dessert”!  http://

These bad boys can be used as pancakes, wraps or rolls – so make some extra and try them each way. Chive pancakes – yum. Heidi also recommends serving them up with some fresh herbs, hot sauce and a fried egg. Does life get any more delicious?

Honestly, Elana had us at “cake” but could be a blog post on it’s own, and the mouth watering picture doesn’t hurt either. This orange cake has six ingredients – and you don’t even have to peel the oranges! Again, the easiness is as alluring as the picture.

Happy Sunday, folks!