Wow. We could write a novel about this past week, a damn good one, too. Suspense, drama, laughter, tears, celebrating – we have done it all. New Rules round three came to an end just as Get Balanced launched, and as you can imagine, there has been a lot happening. So, the focus being on balance this month is kind of ironic – as our scales have been a little lopsided. But, that’s reality, right? Sometimes stress can and does take over. Yup, welcome to our week.

We know as well as anyone that it is hard to eat well when we are stressed. Our best tip for eating heathy when we are spread thin? One word, leftovers. We may or may not have had dinner for breakfast, and it may or may not have been cold. Shhhh…

Even though we might not always practice what we preach, nutrition remains the focus. What we do {or don’t} put into our bodies is going to effect how we do {or don’t} feel, and it has been awesome to delve deeper into this with hundreds of people this month alone. The breakthroughs people are having are worth the stress -1000%. Maybe more. All it takes is just one tear-jerking testimonial about how a life has been transformed to help balance our scales, at least for a couple minutes. We kid, we kid. Those words stick with us, and continue to propel us forward.

Here’s to some deep breathing and focusing on the positive, 
The PN Team