So it’s about 11:30pm Sunday night and it occurs to ALL of us (Megan, Katie & Anna) that Mondays blog post isn’t done.  It’s not started, drafted, nada… whoops.  So a quick series of text messages and we decide – we’ll just take Monday off.  No biggie, just kind of funny.

The past few weeks have been an all out jam session both at Prescribe Nutrition & in each of our lives. Spring has sprung, we’ve been writing about balance, and all the while… we’ve been having to make a larger than ever effort to stay balanced ourselves.  It’s tough.  You know you this like nobody’s business.  It’s also been a wild opportunity to really step back and evaluate what’s gotta get done and what just needs to take to the bench for bit.  We’ve all done it.  The cool part is that we’ve been here to root each other on as we’ve had to pull back the reigns.  Some days one of us has to step up and take something off the other person’s plate so that they don’t lose their mind and vice versa.  What’s more cool is that we run to do that for each other.  No eye rolling or huffing under our breath, we just do it and the next day we might need the other to do the same for us.
That, our friends, is what we like to call…
So there’s that.  Now tonight (as I’m writing on Monday for Tuesday – see that’s how this blog thing is “supposed” to work) marks the official end to our Get Balanced program.  We’ve got to be honest, we didn’t know what to expect.  I mean, WE knew what we were doing but the first time you run anything you just hope that what you put out will be what they want.  Well, it went off pretty dang awesome.
But again, not about what we think – it’s about what THEY said.  Here’s just a few recent notes we’ve gotten.  Make us tear up.  Really, this is our goal – make food matter more, show people that feeling great IS attainable.  We love you guys, like a whole lot.
I have been looking for a resource like yours for a lonnnnnng time. I knew I needed something to get me motivated on a deeper level than other “weight loss” programs out there. This 15 day program has shown me so much more than i ever thought it could! The science behind how our bodies react to the food we put into them is astounding. I find myself making better choices simply because I know how that can of soda or half a loaf of bread is going to affect me in the long run. This program puts all those tidbits of information I have (and have never) heard over the years all together in way that’s so practical and easy to get behind. Everything was wonderful! From the downloadable resources to video and audio clips to the discussion boards! It feels like a little family! 🙂 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Be proud, Katie and Megan, to know that you change lives every day! Speaking the truth about food is so important!

I was caught deep in the “fat-free”/”whole-wheat” culture and worked out 4 days a week but couldn’t understand why I felt tired in the afternoons but couldn’t sleep at night. I drank 2 grande lates a day to help me keep up with my young children. Since completing the GB program I no longer drink caffeine, have more energy and am working out harder than before! Thank you lovely ladies! Monica

Where to even start?! I feel like a different person. I was talking to my sisters yesterday about the program and telling them how my body feels like its actually working right for the first time in forever, but that the biggest deal to me was that suddenly I find myself ENJOYING my children so much more. Just laughing with them (and at them frankly). I’m not so tired and cranky that everything annoys me. You’ve not only gotten me wired to feel better physically, but to really enjoy my life again. My husband wants to send y’all flowers. I cannot thank you enough. I’d hug you both if I could. Smiles from Tennessee, Sommer