We all know someone who can balance a busy life with grace and a smile. Today we want to ask Yellow Barn Wellness owner and Anna’s mom, Debbie, some of her secrets to living a joy-filled, dream-accomplishing, well-balanced life.

Ok, let’s just get this answered right off the bat – do you have to work at being so happy or is it innate?
I don’t think I would say I work at being happy, but I enjoy being happy. I do little and sometimes big things everyday that bring me joy. It could be coffee with a friend or giving myself time to let my imagination run wild. 

You are a dreamer {and you dream BIG}, yet somehow no matter how big or small you are making your dreams a reality. Any advice you’d like to share on how to inspire others to turn their dreams into reality?
When I was a little girl, I began dreaming of working as a nurse at Children’s Hospital. I first realized that dreams do come true when almost 20 years later when I began working there. We think that they are our dreams, but I think they come from God or our higher power to inspire or encourage us to be fully alive and living our purpose. If you believe this, than everything that comes into your life is for the fulfillment. I love this belief and have been constantly amazed watching it in my own life. All of the universe transpires to awaken you, and if you pay attention and listen, you will live your passion and your purpose.

Balance is our theme this month at PN. What is your secret to maintaining balance in your life? Have you always been so good at it?
Oh my gosh, I would say it has taken me almost my whole life to find balance. I am a people pleaser, so right off the bat that makes it difficult to create balance. In the past, I have let people crush boundaries and stayed in some unhealthy relationships. Life has taught me that my value doesn’t come from what I do for others, and I work hard to remember that and live it. I have value simply because I am. And if I am happy and healthy, I can share my joy and health to others.

So of course we have to talk a little bit about nutrition! You’ve always been a little ahead of the curve when it comes to eating well. What got you started? What are your favorite sources for staying “in-the-know” when it comes to health and wellness?

Being health oriented, I am always curious about health and wellness. I think we have an innate knowing about what is right and wrong for our bodies. If you can tune into this, your body speaks to you in quiet or sometimes loud ways. It is so important to pay attention to how you feel, and to not just accept feeling crummy – that’s your body speaking to you loudly. 
As far as sources go, I love Dr. Hyman, my friend Dr. Anne Kelly, Katie Jasper {which of course means Prescribe Nutrition}, Dr. Mercola, and many more. I whole heartedly believe integrative health care is truly the way to best approach to achieving and maintaining health and wellness.

We’ve heard you say some pretty powerful things about the importance of community. Do you see any correlation between being apart of a community and maintaining balance?

Our health and wellness is a public health issue. You won’t learn about wellness sitting in your doctor’s office. I believe we will be best served by coming together in community settings with our curiosities, questions and information. When there is enough of us sharing, supporting and encouraging the precious mind, body and spirit connection, health will abound.

Okay, now for some lighter topics! What’s your favorite:


I am a spaghetti and meatballs kind of girl. It is a rare treat, but when it’s on my plate, I enjoy every bite!


Lars and the Real Girl. I saw it three times while it was in theaters 


Night Swimming by REM

Beautiful words from a wise woman. Thanks for sharing, Debbie!!

Happy Thursday everyone – take a little time to let your imagination run wild today,
PN Team