Memorial weekend was a true cooking marathon.  We headed to northern Minnesota to my in-laws for the weekend  with my sister and her hubs.  Cooking has become a new obsession for me.  Wait what? Your job is food, you didn’t always love to cook?  Nope.  Fact.  I wasn’t always a gal of the kitchen.

Between Megan’s (you know THE Megan) love of cooking and our program development, I’ve thrown myself into ring like no other.

Memorial weekend was all about new recipes.  Here’s a few of our faves.  They are largely Whole30 and Paleo approved for those looking for a good sugar clean up.  Heck, I’m killing candida as we speak.


So many recipe ‘loves,’ it’s hard to call out faves, but this Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice was the bomb.

We took that to some Ginger Chicken.  Done and done.


A holiday weekend and sweet potatoes seem to go hand in hand.



And a GIANORMOUS green salad.  Check out our Instagram for the full recipe for this killer salad dressing.


Garbage Stir Fry with Cabbage. Basically the easiest and tastiest damn thing around.

Thanks nom nom paleo and A Girl Worth Saving for giving us a weekend full of taste, happy bellies and ENERGY.  Remember… food = fuel.  fuel = energy.  #yesplease.