That got your attention, didn’t it? Ok, so that’s not totally the truth but I’ll explain. Back in July I told you how I had let ongoing stress take over, which ended up getting my hormones all out of whack, and I ended UP 15. Fifteen pounds that is. Part of me curses my favorite, fold over, flowy black pants for this. It was like they knew and didn’t tell me what was happening under there…

After that post, I was inspired. I was ready to make some changes. My original plan was to come back two months later and tell you how things had balanced out, I was back in my favorite jeans and feeling fresh. RECORD SCREECH. Nope, things hadn’t gotten better, in fact, they had gotten worse. My biggest struggle was getting enough sleep (did you know sleep is directly correlated to your weight?) and making time for exercise. Oh yeah, and the wine…the wine too. My cortisol was spiking at night which is the tell tale sign that adrenal fatigue is in full swing. From there… well, I just wanted to call for the surrender flag. So I was tired but also wired all.the.time.  I sorta felt like my body was slowly rotting.

Then it happened, right smack in the middle of PN program planning, fundraising, and operating a small business…I left town. I had some family time AND I decided to tag on an extra week away to get some much needed Arizona sun. The whole idea of it was stressful. Actually, my heart races right now just thinking of the 21 days I was OOT, but I went for it.  During that first week I had no choice to but to let go of thinking about what was to come (the ‘future’) and just focus on where I was, now. That’s call the present. What a concept huh?

There were no fancy beds to sleep in, no spa appointments, nothing like that…. but, I slept like I hadn’t slept since 2012. I shit you not. It was like my head hit the pillow and I was off to another planet, a planet where sleep happens. And so it began, many days of sleep replenishment that I believe have changed the chemistry of my body. This long awaited rest led to a total calmness in both mind and body, and with that came an added bonus of effortless weight loss. Was it 10 lbs?  Probably not (ok no), but the thing is, I wasn’t counting. I was taking care of myself from all angles, and in that place of peace is where I saw the real changes happen.  The truth about the 10 lbs is that emotionally & mentally – I DID loose 10.

Chemistry is king (and I failed horribly in chemistry).  There are a gazillion ways to look at this.  But here’s mine.


The food we put in our body is paramount, but how we carve out the time for ourselves goes hand in hand in this equation.  I was invited to let all my worries go. Scary and exciting all in one.

Because, as many of your know – time away from the day-to-day is time that shares less boundaries and requires more flow. It’s incredibly important to have structure but it’s my belief that it’s as (if not more) important to have periods of time were we let go and let our bodies and minds feel free. At Prescribe Nutrition that’s part of the healing process.

Why am I telling this story? Are all my worries gone? What does this have to do with my hormones and gaining weight? In my mind, everything. Stress, doing it all,  getting older, struggling with priorities – it’s the flame that lights the fire. So fast forward six months: no weight has been lost BUT I’m backing into this whole deal. I needed to compromise with myself, understand the layers for me, and start to put the damn puzzle back together.

Next up?  I’m throwing myself into Prescribe 20. I’m going to let you in on a little secret here… the PN team isn’t always on the PN protocol. But I think you knew that. We do our best, know what works and what doesn’t, but in the end, we still need that dedicated time and support too. We created this program because we’ve heard what everyone wants and it’s what we want too – for you and for us. We all win.  So, I AM READY. Changes becoming habits? More time for me? Yes please and thank you.

It’s the puzzle piece I’m ready and waiting for. Calendar marked, wine corked, getting serious about food being my fuel again, getting to hear from old friends and meeting a whole bunch of new ones.  I can’t wait.  Wholeheartedly, it’s about as excited as I’ve been in a looooong time.

Here’s to breathing deep, being vulnerable, and realizing that life’s certainly is dance.