A few weeks ago I found myself googling “macros,” which is a trending word in fitness communities on Instagram. I went down the rabbit hole and then…bought an ebook. Full disclosure: I am an impulse buyer – particularly at night and specifically as it relates to fitness, supplements, beauty products and books regarding each topic. I love learning and when I am on a topic of interest, I tend to go full bore, but it’s almost always just a sprint. As I skimmed my ebook, I was struck by a sobering question. What am I really looking for?

Here is what I know, my answer, if you will. I know what and how to feed my body – I know my sensitivities: cheese, caffeine and sugar (WTF, how is that fair?!). I know that for whatever crazy reason, if I am in bed by 9:30  fairly consistently, I am a solid five pounds lighter. I know that when I eat whole foods with an emphasis on veggies and healthy fats, I can feel both satiated and energetic. And if I exercise 3-4 times per week, I like the way my body looks and feels.

So THAT is my answer, but here is my question, or rather, problem: How can I get my mid 20’s body back with minimal effort and a life that includes getting to drink wine and enjoying treats here and there (translation: on a fairly regular basis). The reason this is a problem is because, for me, those lifestyle choices will NEVER yield those results. I really can’t have much sugar and my body apparently doesn’t know what to do with alcohol, so it saves it as a spare tire. Also, my reality is that I have to workout pretty hardcore to look like someone who might workout once in a while.


The last five years have been an intense mixture of doing well by my needs, feeling great and then relaxing into my wants. Or in other words, a freaking wild roller coaster of fluctuating weight and wellness. Sometimes the fluctuations are weekly, sometimes they’re monthly. But most often I would say I have a few months where I am more rigid and think of my needs, followed by a few months were I think, “Whatever, I don’t want to live a life where I don’t enjoy wine, desserts, and maxin’ and relaxin’.”

While it might seem like I’m covering all my bases, the truth is I don’t like the fluctuations. And when I think of what I want my future to look like, it doesn’t include the ping-ponging back and forth. I need to get my shit together, and not just by making another empty promise or resolution. Surprisingly writing this alone has been pretty cathartic. Sometimes giving a “name” to what is happening helps us to understand it on a much deeper level. And damn, it’s written now, so there really isn’t any taking it back. Plus its my truth, and I just need to own it and figure out how to create the future I want rather than just kind of letting life happen.

As I create an action plan, there are a few things I know I can do to better support myself and to make sure this doesn’t become a ghost of resolutions past. First, I need to figure out ways to maximize my efforts – quick HIIT workouts, nutrient packed morning smoothies, thawing frozen soup more often on the nights my family eats pizza. I want to create actions and habits that I know not only yield results, that I can live with as a true lifestyle – not a fleeting trend. Second, to really focus on MY personal needs by taking into account things like my composition (ayurvedic health, which we’ll be talking more on these in the coming months) and blood type. Last, I plan to find a better way to integrate my “wants” into my daily life. Maybe a petite glass of wine and a bite of dessert as opposed to the all or nothing approach, so I don’t feel deprived while I take care of my needs.

2017 is almost here – what do you want to face head on?


We’re all actively “choosing our dates” for Prescribe 20 – the Prescribe Nutrition program that has helped changed so many lives. My commitment? To not wait one more day…I’ve already started. What’s your date?