Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations… 4th of July… you get the picture.  

What do they all have in common?  They all likely involve big gatherings, lots of preparation, food, drinks, stress (of course) and then some.  Now ask yourself what it would be like if those days existed without all food, drinks and stress?  Not as much fun?  Well, likely there would be that.  But let’s be honest, those holidays seem to be MORE about all that other stuff and less about the actual meaning of the day.  Something is missing here.

I’ve had some awesome conversations lately with clients as it relates and the light bulb went off.  We are always stressed about what the holidays bring, mapping out a recovery plan for after, and “dieting” around those big days.  What a process!!  What if we could reframe those special days, what if there was a better way to honor the holiday, the person, without all the static.  
I’m not advocating that you cut out food, c’mon, but what if it wasn’t a table chalked full of deserts that ultimately cause the kids (and adults alike) to go through those craaaazy blood sugar spikes, overeating, capped off by that depressed feeling after your body has just rode the sugar roller coaster?  You know what I’m talking about – I do it too.  Less about the sugar and more indulging in food that are heavier (I usually cave when it comes to dips), but leaving feeling like I just want to crawl into sweatpants and subsequently crawl into bed.  Happy…Merry… congratulations… NOTHING.  That’s about how it goes.  

Next time you are planning a gathering or attending one… see how you can make the shift.  

Can you reframe the gathering to be about the people, the day, and not just a set up for some sweatpants & the sugar blues?