Crappy days.We all have them. Katie and I have been working our tail feathers off to make Prescribe Nutrition a reality. Most days we feel gratitude that we met, happiness that we’ve made our passion our career, grateful for the amazing people who contribute to PN (oh you know who you are), and oh so excited for what we have on deck. But sometimes? Sometimes we get tired…overwhelmed…and maybe just a tad cranky. But then, there’s days like today when we get an email like this, and we remember we LOVE what we do, plain and simple:

Dear Katie & Megan,
I just wanted to let you each know that i’ve been back to my ‘New Rules’ guidelines the past 2 days and already feel better.¬†

These two days, eating whole healthy foods has been wonderful. I already am beginning to feel better. I’m looking forward to spending more time with you in Get Balanced.

This truly is what it’s all about…you.

As I sit here 16 days later sipping a green smoothie, I know that I will not go back to my old eating habits! I will gradually add dairy and gluten back into my diet and see how I tolerate it, but my goal is to not add horrible sugar back in. Instead of getting my kids into NYNR all at once like I had originally planned, I have been gradually taking things out of their diet, and I will continue with that more in the coming weeks. I am so glad that I have the tools that Katie and Megan gave us in this course! I wish I had them years ago, but better late than never I guess ūüėČ I have enjoyed this challenge so much that I am sad that it’s over! It has been so fun to see everyone’s stories and ups and downs! Thank you all!

I¬†can’t thank you enough for this new way of¬†life. As a family, my husband and I went from eating fast food every night of the week to eating a great dinner composed of protein, whole grains, and veggies. Please keep up us updated on any new sessions you offer. I am a changed person with energy that I have not had since I graduated highschool (8 years ago). I am not going back to gluten, dairy, or sugar. Thanks again!

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Our goal at Prescribe Nutrition is help people discover the power of whole foods. Ditching the diet can be scary, especially since some of us have been doing them our whole lives. But no diet can do what healthy eating does. It’s that simple. We teach people what foods work, what foods don’t, and how simply saying goodbye to some things and welcoming in others can result in a full body makeover.¬†We’re not going to tell you to count calories if you can’t lose weight. We’re going to ask why.¬†Everyone¬†deserves to have all the tools they need to make long lasting health changes.¬†There should be no secrets with nutrition. No one should feel lost in the world of health. Prescribe|Nutrition’s goal? Teach people to listen to their bodies and uncover what works for them.¬†

Let’s get happy & healthy together,

Megan & Katie