It’s back and it’s better than ever. No really. B-E-T-T-E-R. But you might just have to see it to believe it.


Prescribe 20 has evolved into our most popular foundational program that has continuously gotten better, round over round and we couldn’t be more happy and proud to bring the best of Prescribe 20 to our new platform. In this process many have asked a great question – what’s different? Well, in a nutshell – we took all of what was great and made it incredible.


P20 before/now

One of the most exciting aspects of Prescribe 20 is that you get to make it fit for you, WHEN it fits for you. So you can sign up today for your 20 days to start tomorrow or you can sign up today for, hell, January 2nd when shit really hits the fan. AND for a limited time – the first 100 people to use code “goaljeans” will get an extra special 30% off the cost of the program which brings Prescribe 20 to $66.50, which is kind of criminal it’s so good.


So, like we said, you might just have to see it to believe it. Take a peek at some of the