Well, it’s here.  Kids Rule has officially launched today, and us gals at Prescribe Nutrition couldn’t be more thrilled. We’ve been working all Summer (okay and Spring…) to bring it to life and are pretty darn excited to drop some nutrition bombs on families all over the world.  World?  You know it.  We have people from over 8 countries participating, and that gives us goose bumbs just thinking about it.  Kids Rule is so very different from our other programs, so for us it’s truly an exciting day, maybe a little daunting, but mostly – a lot of fun.  We are already seeing the message board lit up with awesome questions and helpful support from the families on board.  From food sensitivities to picky eating to how to make homemade coconut yogurt to a mustache contest…this program truly has it all. 
A huge thanks is in order – and that is to you. You who follow us, who do our programs, and who are without a doubt the reason we created Kids Rule.  You asked, and we answered, so thank you for inspiring us everyday.  
Trying to find new ways to get the kids to eat?  Yeah, we’re going over that big time.

Little D below is enjoying his new favorite “upgraded” chicken tenders with some avocado.  He knows his favorites, and we’re going to work with him to get in more of the good stuff. 
Cheers to some finger licking good recipes and 12 days of Kids Rule!