Some things are better left on your terms, and choosing when you want to start a detox is one of them. In our first few years of running Prescribe Nutrition WE chose the program start dates – and with good reason – that’s all our technology would allow. However, with our new website, a strong community presence, and knowing that you don’t to miss out on ANY of what makes our programs awesome, we are putting the ball in your court. When do YOU want to start your Prescribe 20 detox? You choose. No waiting, planning around trips, or hemming and hawing over whether or not it will work for you. Sign up and choose your own start date! There is no wrong way to do it. And there is nothing as fulfilling as penciling permanent markering yourself into your planner.


Megan: January 3rd. Cliche? Maybe. But I always feel revived and ready to tackle the New Year in January. The commitment vibe is heavy in the air, and I feed off of that! That holidays are just chaotic – but that doesn’t mean I throw the towel in for all of November and December. This year I’m making a commitment for the entire month of December (up until Christmas Eve): what is it? No chocolate. Ya’ heard it here first. Why? Because it’s a slippery slope with me and my best friend chocolate, so it’s best I don’t even start with the advent calendars. So I’m doing a mini, self imposed December detox & then going head first into Prescribe 20 on January 3rd. Look out, February. I’m coming at you in my favorite high waisted flares.

Kika: I’m doing January 3 because pretty much I’m doing whatever Megan tells me to do for Prescribe 20. She’s going to motivate me. I cannot wait. Ok yes I can, but I’m still excited.


Anna: The day after Thanksgiving – it was a blue Friday for me. Kidding! I love our programs and having done enough, jumping in is much easier now. I know my staples, I don’t get fancy with complicated recipes… and I am wearing leather pants and a crop top to Christmas brunch. More jokes. I roll into Christmas brunch looking like a hot mess (my kids wake up at like 3 AM Christmas morning), and I have zero desire to change that expectation. I want to start 2017 with the simple goal of keeping ball rolling, NOT the usual whiplash of 25 days of Christmas cookies to kale salads.


Tanya: I think I first realized I needed a change when my puppy decided to repeatedly latch on to my love handles. Oh that extra lovin? Yep NOT for you my friend. Time to get rid of that. I have also been saying that I am going to get into a routine since I moved…back in May. So I think it’s time. This January, I’m jumping into Prescribe 20 with a friend (hey Whit!) and my sister (sup Marla!) and have a yoga studio picked out that I am going to join. I’m doing this solely for me and am excited to start the new year feeling fresh!

So tell us: What’s your date?