Let’s face it, sometimes life can get messy.  Everyone can relate to the feeling.  Sometimes I wish life was always the perfect sunny day that makes you feel like nothing can stop you, but then I remember it would be pretty hard to appreciate the good without any of the bad.  Doesn’t make those tough days any less hard while they’re happening, but it’s of course the perspective we need during the lows.  Maybe it’s a crappy day at work, an overwhelming to-do list, family woes, or an unexpected break up, whatever it is – it can leave you practically speechless.  Ah, life.

So we all know these times are inevitable. In a bizarre way it’s part of the beauty of life.  And while I wish you could kale salad your way out of these days, it’s not always about food (but hey, it plays a role). We try to be more than just food at Prescribe Nutrition.  We talk about everything from the effect stress can have on your physical body to the importance of real beauty.  So today I thought we’d share what Katie and I like to do when we need a legit pick me up, because bottom line we ALL need it now and then.

SO – let’s say your feeling blue.  Don’t worry I’m not nosy I won’t ask what happened.  Here’s some of our suggestions to dust those shoulders off and get yourself smiling again.

1.  Make yourself number one. I’m not just saying “love yourself” or anything like that (though that’s sure important), I’m talking about making yourself the priority.  If you want to and you can, cancel plans!  Go to a movie. Go for a walk. Do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do (me = color coordinate my closet, because yes I am a nerd), but never finding the time for.  The time for you is NOW, and whatever little things give you peace, well now is the time to embrace them.  If you’ve got kids running around, they’re going to bed ten minutes early tonight so mama can have 10 more minutes of peace.  Whatever you do this is the most crucial – YOU being the priority.  It’s an emotional hug only you can give yourself, and even if you spend that YOU time crying, so be it – let it all out.  You must go through some sadness to get to your better place.  

2.  Now, clear out the clutter. Inside and out – but I’m not talking about rushing out to do a 5 day juice detox.  This is purification on all levels.  My friend and I just talked today about the value of cleaning out our house, and even doing the occasional sage burn.  When you let too many things pile up (work, clutter, junk) it truly makes you feel out of control, so take some time and get rid of that baggage, and if that baggage is a bit deep down, take some time to talk to someone on a professional level.  No one ever regretted a little therapy right!

3.  Want to feel good?  Clear out the sugar. It hits on your brain in the same way addictive drugs do, and you feel dependent on it.  We can assure you that if you cut back on the processed, packaged and refined sugar laden foods, you will immediately feel lighter in your loafers, less “up and down,” and in a way, a bit more pure.  We like to joke about our sugar cravings and being a chocoholic, but the truth is this is REAL.  Make an effort to not let it have a grip on you, and believe us you will feel better.  Make an effort to cram in extra nutrients that will support you fight those sugar cravings – namely healthy fats (think coconut oil and avocado) and some smart proteins. 

4.  Get outside!  I mean it now.  Get out there.  Go find some nature – even if it’s your backyard – and listen to some birds chirp, feel a breeze, get some sun on your face, and feel a bit smaller under that big sky.  The world is amazing and big and there is nothing, I repeat nothing, that can give you some good perspective and a touch of cheer the way Mother Nature can. 

5.  Finally, and no I’m not joking, make a mix. Okay fine a playlist, this is the 21st century I suppose.  Whatever songs you love and that make you want to cut a rug – get those going on your phone, your speakers, your workout – belt the lyrics at the top of your lungs, and get moving.  Music is food for the soul.

What are your favorite pick me ups?