kidsruleThere are five things that will happen every night at our dinner table.

  1. We will give thanks for our food and for everyone who helped get it on our plates.
  2. Someone will say that they don’t like part of the meal before they’ve even tried it.
  3. Someone will be bribed into eating something.
  4. Someone will spill water.
  5. Someone else will spill water.

When I anticipate this, dinner goes really well. When I forget that I’m dining with a five, four and one a year old, sometimes it feels like shit hit the fan and there is no recovering.

Different ages present different dinner table difficulties. Changing tastes, revolving ideas of how food should be served (anyone else have a child who doesn’t like different food groups touching? I mean, God forbid the salad touch the fruit…), and refusing food altogether  seem like a rite of  passage. Sometimes I feel like nothing will surprise me, but then someone who has requested a very specific dinner will look at their request like I served up a plate of hot trash. What gives?!

kids rule 4

I know that I am not alone here, and clearly you aren’t either. So what do we do about dinner table woes that doesn’t involve creating three separate dinners or on-demand snacks 10 minutes post meal? Well, maybe not what you think. As always this upcoming Kids Rule program is going to be chock full of scrumptious kiddo approved recipes including some of our favorite Weelicious dishes, but we’ve realized that this is only half the battle. We are going to be taking a “whole picture” approach that will change the way your whole family feels about dinner.

Forget the bickering, bribing and bitching, we are going to give you the tools transform your table to a place of connecting, laughter and love.  It is possible. We’re prescribing mindfulness and the littles are loving it as much as the adults. We’ve started practicing at our house and seen leaps and bounds of improvement. Now don’t get turned off or feel like if its an easy change (which it is!), then it won’t be an impactful change. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, right? It’s quite magical how a fun, thoughtful environment changes the way we eat.

Imagine this. You sit down to dinner and you’ve got some options – there are healthy chicken nuggets, roasted chickpeas, some fresh chopped veggies, a small fruit salad and some chocolate avocado mousse (and guess what, four of these five things were already made or pre-chopped and waiting in tupperware in your refrigerator!). You all sit down for dinner and Sally says, “I don’t like carrots or peppers anymore” and Timmy chimes in, “You said we were eating chicken nuggets, but these don’t look like chicken nuggets!”

This might normally be the point where the nosedive begins. But we are going to suggest a deep breath, a wink at your spouse and making an effort to create an environment that connects your kiddos to their food and their inner goodness. It might look a little something like this, “Tonight I want to start dinner with three reasons why I love Sally so much! She is smart, she makes great choices, and she works really hard. Timmy your turn, you are a problem solver, courageous and wise. Now lets talk about where in the world this food comes from – so, do chickens grow on trees?!”


Your kids won’t know what hit ’em, and they might also be grinning ear to ear. An environment that feels nurturing and connects them to the food they’re eating is a place where magic happens. Plain and simple. And of course this is only the tip of the Kids Rule iceberg. We’ve got knock-your-socks-off recipes, the science and solutions to picky eating, video tutorials that will help you in the kitchen, a kitchen chore lists broken down by age, education regarding how upset tummies or dry itchy skin is related to what we eat, how to get your littles to eat foods you never thought they would and LOVE them, and the list goes on.

Join us as we turn around the dinner time vibe. Let’s have some more fun with our food, shall we? Welcome materials go out Friday, May 10th! Use code kidsrule20 for 20% off. More information and registration here!