We are back at it with more {yes, more!} “whole” talk. This time it’s for the kitchen. Time and time again you hear us talk about the importance of eating whole foods and this includes full fat milk, full fat coconut milk, full fat yogurt. You get the picture. We want whole foods in their whole state. No reduced this or fat-free that. WHOLE.

Yup, we might be in the minority, but we sit there happily. If you want to join the “whole movement” and need some support in the kitchen, we are going to take the next few Sundays to recommend a hand full of cookbooks we love. Nourishing Traditions goes beyond recipes, of which there are┬áplenty, and really gets in to how whole foods nourish us and how to prepare them to reap the nutrient rich rewards.

This book is bound to stir up some questions or comments. Let’s discuss!

And no, we did not forget…
Happy Mother’s Day!!!