Here is it, again. My birthday. Today I am 32 years old.  It feels, eh, I don’t know. Not bad, not great, just 32. I’ll be honest in saying I was never one of those people who had a vision of where my life would be at a certain age. No specific dream career, fantasy wedding day, or to put it bluntly – overall ambition. Really I just had no idea where I’d be and what I’d be doing at 32. When I was graduating college I think I probably thought something along the lines of:

“Well, I’ll obviously have a good job in a field I love, because obviously I wouldn’t settle for anything else. I’ll also obviously be married by 32 because duh, who isn’t by then. And obviously I will have accomplished a ton of my hopes and goals, like going on an African safari and driving my car from San Francisco to the very tip of South America. Oh and OBVIOUSLY I will have a dog. Obviously.”

Megan: age 25. Yes, I am dressed up as a unicorn. A beer drinking unicorn. At 25.

We are very smart when we are younger. The smartest people around. At least, that’s the impression we have, right? My goodness did I think I knew it all. It really is amazing how with each passing year I become acutely more and more aware of how very little I know. The truth is I like getting older. I look back and I see my teen years being wretched in a self loathing sort of way. Twenties taking an interesting turn into a more self absorbed sort of way. Here’s what my birthday wish is for my thirties: to be more aware. Awareness of the world around me. Of the universe that is SO MUCH BIGGER than my concerns or my daily grind.

Megan: age 31. I’ve come a long way. Dog = not mine. But one day. One day.

As it’s my birthday I’d like to take a minute to give thanks for my family. I’m very lucky to have them. I should have been put up for adoption during my most charming self at age 11. My brother and I have the same birthday, and today he turns 35 (sucker). He is the smartest guy I know, and this is the only, ONLY time I will admit that (hope you’re reading this, it’s a one shot deal). He helps me with everything from work to boys to hanging heavy items to bbq’ing (it scares me). But most of all he gives me perspective.  When I whine about how busy I am or how scary it is working for myself – he helps me out. Additionally, he is a mind reader (gemini powers) and he reads my mind. I need to be more aware? Then he shares this video. Update: Sadly the video was removed – because it was so cool? I don’t know. If you want to get enlightened, listen to the audio here.
It’s an excerpt of a commencement speech by David Foster Wallace from 2005. It’s my birthday and my birthday wish is that you take a few minutes and watch it.

“Be aware enough to give yourself a choice. You can choose to look differently”

I’d like to watch this every birthday because it reminds me that there is nothing more important than all of us choosing to be aware. I don’t want to be a person that operates on a default setting or always focuses on the bottom line. I don’t want to ignore the world around me. I want to grow and be aware and above all have compassion. I want others to have compassion for me. I want this world to be a really nice place should I ever have kids. The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is: “It’s so much easier to choose to be happy.” Sounds simple and idealistic, but I think I like simple and idealistic. It also seems like it will only help further complete that circle to becoming a whole person. And finally, because it must be said, being a part of Prescribe Nutrition is pretty much a dream come true. A hidden ambition that has surged from within, and I make sure every day I am aware of just how lucky I am to be a part of it.

So 32, I’m happy to meet you. And to my brother Ryan, you old, old man, happy birthday.