As we wrap up the month of “wholeness” at PN you’ve noticed that we’ve swung open the doors to health.  Wide open. Pretty much NOTHING is off limits in our book when it comes to feeling “whole.”

We’ve touched on traditional health, healing and nutrition…but added a dose of financial, mental and spiritual health.  It’s like a grand slam and we are capping the last few days off with some fun posts.  If you are like me, your stress level subsides immensely when you are organized.  As I type this I have my sights set on a quick sweep through the kitchen in an effort to wake up a bit more of a “happy lady.”
{This is NOT my kitchen, I repeat not mine.  But hey, I can dream?}
The point being, I love this stuff.  Feeling organized lowers my stress, allows me to spend time on other rewarding aspects of life and can basically set the overall tone for my health.  Am I always organized? Heck no. But a girl can dream. 
So as Megan, Anna and I were talking earlier this week we thought “let’s feature a topic that everyone can likely relate AND let’s bring in a lady who’s making a corner (a large one at that) of her publication to this very topic.”  If you know us, you know that we are huge fans of Modern Parents Messy Kids and let me tell you, that Steph knows her stuff when it comes to being organized.  Take some time to acclimate yourself to POYEL aka Project Organize Your Entire Life, you won’t regret it.  
Remember, bite sized pieces is the way to attack these tasks and if you complete an organizational project, make sure to share it with us.  We want to be in on the fun too.
Ok, off to tidy up the kitchen in hopes of some morning serenity!