Samantha is back!  Third time is a charm and THIS is a charmer.  She’s a yoga teacher who is taking her love of the practice to the yard and creating a space for moms to experience movement, breath and self care right along side their little ones!

How much do we love this? SO dang much.

Hi all!  I’m excited to be back at PN to share with you something that is very near & dear to my heart. I recently started holding a mama & babe yoga class at my home on a weekly basis. Sometimes we have a couple of classes a week depending our schedules. Mama & babe yoga is not about the kids (the babes) doing yoga with us but more being there to experiencing the class.  If they want to join in they can (or they just play along side…. as our pictures show.) My son loves to demonstrate his downward facing dog & tree pose as well as jump onto my back while doing the Warrior series.

I wanted to create a space where mamas feel comfortable to bring their babes with them and not have to worry about paying a sitter or what the kids are doing while the moms are away. 

I provide art activities, lots of toys, and snacks at the end of class. During the final relaxation (savasana) I give them an exciting treat so they have something to look forward to/behave for and then the moms have time to relax in peace.

Every class is unique because every day with kids is different – if they napped, what their mood is, and the combination of kids – that’s what makes it so great, the unknown! At the beginning of our class when we set our intention it’s all about going with the flow. Sometimes we need to take breaks (especially to change diapers or grab a much needed snack) and sometimes a babe just needs some attention from mama. So we roll with it and we always make it through to the end of class…mamas get their workout and the kids get a play date.

Mamas get some relaxation with a lavender neck massage and babes get a sweet treat & some time with friends. A true win-win for all! As a mother of 2, I think we all need this time to restart and find some uninterrupted peace throughout their day even if it’s just for a few minutes. I think we all walk away from this class with a feeling of a weight being lifted, a little more light & airy and ready to take on the day! …and the kids are refreshed too! Everyone needs some yoga & fresh air in their daily life.  Mental, physically & emotionally it’s very important and beneficial to our health even if we just experience a few minutes of yoga a day! I think exposing the kids to yoga at young age encourages them to participate now and to continue to practice as they get older.

No matter what you do for movement, invite in the idea that it doesn’t have to be perfect, totally organized or structured – what happens in that space is magic! 

Love & Namaste, Samantha