20questionsintro-1We are having way too much fun reading all of your questions you’re submitting for us…whether in Instagram, Facebook, in Prescribe 20 or via email. Thank you for playing along with our fun game!

This one’s a loaded question: “I am trying to figure out how to maintain a good balance post-program. I would love to hear from you guys what your typical week in the life might look like – that is, how much non-PN protocol eating are you doing and how are you thinking about it / keeping it in balance?”

You asked, we answered…

For just a little background: in our live programs, we encourage people to eliminate common inflammatory foods – gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar being the big ones. We stick to real, whole foods and avoid packaged foods. After the program is over, some choose to reintroduce foods to see if they have a sensitivity. Often times when you are doing a program we are doing a program. We know the power of a solid reset! So back to the main question…how do we eat when there isn’t a program going on?

Food and HandsKatie: …how do I eat on the regular you ask? Well, it’s a little of this and a little of that to be honest. Ha, not helpful much is it? Ok, I (try) to eat foods that make me feel good… as fresh and alive as I can, when I can. Opt for greens when possible, get good proteins, snack often (as I get little blood sugar dips). But in all candor, I usually eat pretty simple. Of the Katie and Megan show, Megan is the whiz in the kitchen. I’m great at following recipes but on my own – my creative sense in the kitch isn’t all that. So unless I’m recipe hunting (which I try to make 1-2 recipes a week), you’ll find me noshing on hard boiled eggs, avocado toast, smoothies, hummus + turkey rollups, fresh fruit/veggies, nuts, ANYthing off a grill oh oh oh and… tortilla chips and guac and yes, vino. I keep it really basic and not all that impressive but I’m all about eat to live – keep it functional and energy producing. But rest assured, 80/20 is sometimes 60/40… it’s life.

Megan: There’s no doubt that when I eat 100% Prescribe Nutrition style I feel like my best self. Just eliminating sugar entirely (dark chocolate I’m looking at you) can make a huge difference in my energy, in my belly bloat (cute) and my stamina when working out. But day to day life isn’t a blog photo with perfect composition, or a shiny magazine spread of superfoods. Day to day life is, “Shit it’s 9am and I have three calls and haven’t eaten a thing.” We often tell our peeps that we try to live an 80/20 balance, and I actually break that down from a single day perspective. Often for breakfast I have a piece of whole grain, gluten-free toast with smashed avocado and tahini, or papaya (my favorite) and a few hard boiled eggs…and coffee, but I’m trying to move away from my deep love of coffee [but that smell…]. Lunch is usually a big salad, involving veggies, hummus, hard boiled eggs, seeds, nuts…or soup or a grain bowl (hello frozen TJ’s rice packs). Maybe even I’m snacking throughout the day if I’m on the road. Dinner can be a number of things: salad with tuna, leftover grain bowl with poached eggs, sushi, thai soup / curry takeout, or even a grass-fed burger, sometimes lettuce wrapped, sometimes in a bun. I’d like to say I don’t eat dark chocolate often, but I get really sad when I don’t have it in my house.

Anna: I eat like a toddler. No, really. Over the past two years of trying to juggle three kids, a tight budget, and a busy partner (who doesn’t have time to cook, grocery shop or meal plan), I finally decided that I needed to get my priorities straight. Priority one: food/food prep can’t be a stressor. Long story short, I needed to CTFO. I used to put a ton of pressure on myself about creating the perfect meal that everyone liked, which also happened to be balanced for all of our needs. Pssshhhh, who does that? So I got sick of failing, but more than that, I got sick of being stressed about what was going to end up on the table and how it was going to get there. So I simplified, and now the whole fam damily eats like a super impressive, knock-your-socks-off daycare. We keep it really clean for the most part, so hey, winning! Breakfast almost always has a smoothie involved with a base of Bulgarian yogurt or kefir and greens. Along with the smoothie is usually one of the following: chicken sausage, toast and ghee, poached eggs, overnight oats (usually in place of smoothie), or frozen PN pancakes. Lunch is always a crudité which sounds fancy but is the opposite. We always have a meat, two to three veggies, a fruit, sauerkraut, and the kiddos get crackers and I get nuts. For example today’s was: a grassfed beef sticks, snap peas, sliced cucumbers and half an avocado, some blueberries, sauerkraut, and a small handful of almonds. Dinner: as simple as lunch. A protein, leafy green salad, a veggie and sometimes a grain. This happens often, not always. We also have pizza or pasta nights once a week and get takeout every now and then – my favorites being sushi or a killer burger.

Tanya: I’ve had stomach ‘issues’ for as long as I can remember and am now desperately trying to solve my skin issues. SO I stick to gluten, dairy, and sugar free 90-95% of the time. I love trying new recipes from blogs, cookbooks, and our recipe packets, but like the rest of the crew, I also keep it simple. Breakfast is typically eggs or a smoothie. I’m either grabbing lunch from the Whole Foods hot bar or throwing together leftovers from my fridge. Dinner is a rotation between eating out (just being honest!) and a home cooked meal – this is the meal that I whip out the new recipes and get creative. When I cook for myself, I know what’s going into my meals but when I go out, I don’t stress. Sure, I’ll ask for “no bun” or “skip the cheese” but I don’t specifically check to see if there is gluten or sugar hiding anywhere. I also “gamble” occasionally if I really want something filled with gluten and dairy – I typically take a digestive enzyme and go for it with a super positive attitude hoping I don’t run to the bathroom in a half hour (#YOLO). So in general, I don’t stress! I do what I can knowing what is best for my body but I also indulge when I really want to treat myself.


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