Where are you from? Where do you live?  
I grew up in Marin County, CA, just north of San Francisco. I’ve lived in San Francisco for almost ten years now, moving back home after college in Colorado. I absolutely love it here and feel so lucky to call home my favorite place.

Favorite pastime? 
Well, I love a lot of things, but I’d say biking, baking and spending time with my amazing girlfriends. Also, just being cozy in general. I’m really into cozy time.

Guilty Pleasure? 
Every Rocky movie, but particularly 1,2, 4. Embarrassing.

Favorite band? Current favorite song?
Is this a trick question? I can’t answer this. ONE of my favorite singers is Sam Cooke and ONE of my favorite songs is That’s All, by Genesis. Again, embarrassing.

Favorite food or meal?
Easy – my annual Christmas Eve dinner: cracked Dungeness crab, roasted artichokes and my dad’s double fried french fries (it’s Christmas!)

What’s your favorite product in your makeup bag?
Benetint. Rose water that makes me look so rosy.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
It’s so much easier to just choose to be happy.

Dream vacation?
Oh boy this changes daily…right now I seriously am feeling like I need to be whisked away to Greece. In case anyone feels like doing that. 

Did you have a new year’s resolution?
I did but I can’t remember. True story.

What got you interested in nutrition?
My own history of health struggles,  and realizing that if we all knew more younger, we’d be so much better off. Hoping to get some education out there.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?
I’m just excited to be a part of Prescribe Nutrition. And I love dogs.