If there’s one thing we know about nutrition it’s that we don’t know everything. It has become increasingly apparent over the last few decades that we’ve tried it all. Just look at the cover of Time Magazine in 1984 and then again in 2014. The claims have been made and we followed what we were told. We acted like sheep to the latest magazine cover diet.  We bought the new stuff, threw out the old stuff. Ate low fat. Then ate the fat. We’ve come so far and yet here we are: frustrated. So what is the answer? What are we supposed to be feeding ourselves?


The past month we’ve been diving into how to eat. The focus has been food. There are things we know for certain (sugar is bad) and things we know are false (one diet fits all). Now we’re ready to dig deeper: what makes your metabolism tick? How well do you know your own constitution?

Over the coming weeks we are going to tackle what it takes to meet your needs. Not your friend, not your brother, not Beyonce. The dietary style that feeds and fuels you. The one that gets you to your goals. It’s not a straight line. It’s not gonna be easy (but promise, it’s not that hard either). We think you’ll walk away with a much better grip on what factors to consider.

…It’s a good thing, trust us.

Here’s a peek at the topics we’ll dive into:

  • Metabolism. Does it matter when you eat? Can you change your metabolism? How much I should be eating? And honestly, what’s up with people that are just born with a high metabolism (and is it ok to sock them?).
  • Macros & calorie counting. Fad or function? When to count calories, fat grams…and when not (or if) to count — that is the question.
  • Doshas. Do-what? Are you familiar with the age-old science and practices of Ayurveda? Did you know that it’s one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems and can play a pivotal role in how your body synthesizes food.
  • Eating for your blood type. I’m type O. So, does that mean I eat meat all day, then? Is there decent science behind this?
  • Intermittent fasting. Say what? Yeah don’t freak, but some people find success with this type of short term fasting, and we’ll dive into the details behind it. Relax, we can hear you panic breathing already.

Our goal out of this is to give you tangible tools to take action with the way you eat. Historically, we’ve always emphasized food – if you get rid of the bad stuff and focus on a truly whole foods diet, you are likely to see great results. But what about taking it to the next level? What if the scale isn’t moving, and you legitimately do have weight to lose or gain? If you can commit to sticking to a whole foods diet, then we can help guide you to taking a step back and assessing:

  • Foods that are optimal for your personal body type.
  • Servings / how much to eat.
  • When to eat.
  • Incorporating wisdom from several theories into the way you approach food.

Ok we’re pumped, are you? Hit us up in the comments if you’ve got specific asks!

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